HPC International, Inc. Partners with Galen College of Nursing to Expand Educational Resources and Accessibility

CHICAGO, IL (June 13, 2022) – HPC International, Inc. is proud to announce a new collaborative partnership with the Galen College of Nursing, which seeks to expand access to HPC’s offerings from just hospitals and health systems to schools of nursing, their students, and other healthcare providers. HPC has expanded its offerings to include nursing education, textbooks, and products to bolster the strength and range of HPC’s products and provides an easy-to-use platform for Galen’s nursing students. The partnership with HPC will allow nursing education textbooks and products to be offered at significant savings to group purchasing organizations (GPOs), hospitals, schools, students, medical practices, and healthcare providers. Audria Denker, Executive VP of Nursing, for Galen College shares, “This collaborative partnership dovetails perfectly with Galen’s commitment to provide quality nursing education to the next generation of nurses and nursing leaders. The resources provided by HPC International will be integral in our ability to deliver evidence-based knowledge that will directly impact the quality of future patient care.” This new partnership between HPC and Galen College of Nursing is based on the long-standing affiliation between HPC International Inc., and the HealthTrust Purchasing Group.

As one of the leading service providers within healthcare today, HPC not only provides easy-to-implement educational efficiency and cost savings through its “MyHPCBooksource” service, which serves as a single distributor source of published content from any publisher for customers to gain economies of scale for improved pricing and streamlined ordering processes. HPC also offers the “MyHPCEducationConcierge” service, designed to drive significant savings and better control over annual spending on associations, conferences, memberships, and other continuing education expenses; the “MyHPCEnterpriseLibrarian service, which provides outsourced, on-demand library and research services for hospitals and corporations; and its newest service, “MyHPCValueAnalysisResearch”, which provides evidence-based research on clinical products, surgical devices and medical equipment for clinical product evaluations and improved supply chain decision-making. 

Hilton Hudson, MD, a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon and founding owner of HPC, originally began HPC (then known as Hilton Publishing) to provide educational resources within the healthcare landscape. This new partnership is a natural expansion of HPC’s medical educational offerings and dovetails easily into our Books, Magazines, Patient Education & Other Publications (MyHPCBooksource) business line. “Educational resources are essential in shaping healthcare professionals’ knowledge, skills, and development- Directly impacting patients’ quality of care. Education is not ‘one size fits all’.” Dr. Hudson shares. “HPC is dedicated to education, innovation, and research by providing access to quality education materials, resources, and support to those in pursuit of lifelong learning.”

About HPC International Inc.

HPC International Inc. a service company dedicated to education, research, and innovation. HPC is the answer to the significant rising costs of education, books, research, and health science libraries. Founded in 1996 and based just outside of Chicago, Illinois, HPC is the #1 choice for healthcare and corporate educational purchased services. HPC specializes in providing innovating purchasing and management solutions for the millions of dollars spent on books, e-books, journals, magazines, patient education, professional education, continuing medical education, conferences, subscriptions, and research expenses that most K-12 schools, universities, Fortune 500 corporations and healthcare organizations have. HPC is the supplier that companies and health systems turn to centralization, spend aggregation, savings, efficiency, concierge support, evidence-based research expertise and a partner they can trust. Learn more at www.hpcinternationalinc.com about HPC’s growing line of educational efficiency and cost savings solutions.

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