Hilton Publishing, better known as HPC today, celebrates its 20-year anniversary

Chicago, Illinois (December 31, 2015): Twenty years ago, in 1996, Hilton Publishing was founded as the first and only national publishing house dedicated to minority health and wellness. Its focus was on serving populations within the United States that had historically been overlooked and left without meaningful health information about the specific medical issues most prevalent in their communities so they could make changes and live healthier lives. 

When interviewed in 2012, co-founder and current acting President & CEO of HPC, Hilton Hudson, MD, noted, “Often times, many in these communities have a fear and mistrust of the health care system.” Hudson, who was at the time the national ambassador of the American Heart Association, continued, “I wanted to create resources for them that would alleviate their fears and allow them to be proactive and take pride in taking better care of themselves. It is also very important to me that our materials are written in a way that is easy to understand and will allow the reader to work in partnership with their health care provider to have an effective dialogue that can exact change.” 

Many things in the world have changed in the last two decades, including Hilton Publishing as it has grown and broadened its product and service offerings to the national healthcare, academic and corporate industries. Today Hilton Publishing is known primarily as HPC, and it is made up of two separate corporate divisions. HPC has a division of services that help companies and health systems find ways to reduce corporate spending and eliminate inefficiencies in various categories of purchasing. The second is its original publishing division, still operating under the name Hilton Publishing. 

The core mission of HPC today has also evolved with the company’s expansion into new areas, but the dedicated focus of its publishing division on minority health and wellness hasn’t changed. HPC champions diversity in healthcare and seeks to help people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives through the health education material it publishes and distributes. HPC supports continued research and innovation of evidence-based resources that empower patients to make informed decisions about their health and be better communicators with their medical providers. And, HPC helps companies and healthcare providers save money on the resources they rely on to create a learning-rich environment that elevates professional growth and promotes continued learning. For health systems, this translates to helping them maintain the most knowledgeable clinical staff and improve patient care. 

About HPC 

Founded in 1996 and still based outside of Chicago, Illinois, HPC is a leading MBE supplier of specialized purchasing solutions and a publisher and distributor of books, e-books, journals and magazines for K-12 schools, universities, Fortune 500 corporations and healthcare organizations. HPC is the supplier that companies and health systems turn to for educational materials and for solutions that reduce operational spending and improve corporate purchasing efficiency. 

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