HPC International, Inc. awarded Associations, Education, Libraries & Research agreement with Conductiv

Crown Point, Indiana – 5/1/2021 – HPC has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for Associations, Education, Libraries & Research with Conductiv Contracts. Effective April 1, 2021, the new agreement allows Conductiv Contracts members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Conductiv Contracts for HPC’s core service offerings: HPCBooksource, HPCEducationConcierge, and HPCLibrarian services. 

“We are thrilled to be working alongside the Conductiv Contracts team to bring our purchased service solutions to Conductiv members. HPC provides organizations with new online tools, evidence-based research, and expertise with driving savings and efficiency in the area of education,” says Tammy Gauthier, HPC’s VP of Corporate Finance & Operations. 


Books, Magazines & Other Publications 

Consolidates, centralizes & saves money on an unmanaged, inefficient category of purchasing. 

HPC offers a one-stop shop experience for healthcare organizations to buy any type of content from any publisher they need through a single source, where prices decrease as your volume of spend increases. Through HPC you can buy books, magazines, patient education, textbooks, medical coding books, clinical study aids, certification course materials, anatomical charts and countless other publications for hospitals, caregivers, and patients. 


HPC’s Association & Conference Concierge Management Services 

Eliminates confusing processes, extra paperwork and untracked overspending on education-related expenses through a program that pays for itself in savings. 

Much like a corporate travel agency managing an organization’s spend on airfare and other travel expenses, HPC’s Association & Conference Concierge Program manages an organization’s spend on education-related purchases like professional association memberships, corporate subscriptions, conferences and other continuing education expenses. HPC provides a dedicated support team to create 

a centralized process for the entire organization, taking individual requests from professional staff who have an upcoming education expense and negotiating prices with vendors, overseeing internal expense approvals, managing renewals and processing payment to vendors. 


HPC’s Medical Library & Research Services 

Replaces an outdated library research model to reduce costs, add flexibility and expand research support. 

HPC provides a range of clinical research and library-related services to promote improved caregiver access to evidence-based content and to support evidence-based practice in nursing, medicine and supply chain. Four core areas of support are offered in an “a la carte” menu style, and not just for large hospitals with an existing library either, but also for physician practices, clinics and other facilities needing research support in a flexible model to fit any sized budget. Services include: (1) subscription management and library budget oversight; (2) building and maintaining a custom-designed virtual online library portal; (3) on-demand literature searches and research assistance; and (4) evidence-based literature reviews of medical topics. 

Conductiv is a leading third-party spend improvement company, uniting an alliance of buyers and suppliers to transform the acquisition of services. With integrated data and analytics, supply chain solutions, advisory and managed services, and a secondary GPO dedicated to activating service contracts, Conductiv unlocks operational efficiencies that have earned its customers more than $800 Million in contract savings. 

HPC International, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative services that offset the rising costs of educational expenses, published content, research and medical libraries. HPC transforms the way organizations purchase, track, and manage medical libraries and annual educational costs to drive savings to the organization’s bottom line, while at the same time expanding research support to staff and offloading tedious administrative steps from busy caregivers and the organization’s professional team. Learn more at www.hpcinternationalinc.com

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