HPC International Inc. New Contract with E&I 

Chicago, Illinois (August 12, 2022): HPC has a new contract partnering with E&I to provide their members with our services. “We have spent the past two decades focused on providing the healthcare industry with savings initiatives, educational expertise, and research,” said HPC CEO Dr. Hilton Hudson. “Our company’s primary goals have been to drive greater financial sustainability for health systems to invest in continuing education opportunities, and to promote evidence-based practice standards that ultimately lead to improved patient care. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with E&I to apply HPC’s expertise and best practices in healthcare to the education sector.” E&I is a member owned, non-profit sourcing cooperative that is exclusively focused on serving the education community. Services on contract are Education Concierge, Enterprise Librarian, and Value Analysis Research. 

HPC’s Education Concierge is an organizational and savings service for academic institutions to reduce educational expenses that achieves an average of 10%-20% net savings through negotiations. HPC helps by offering a dedicated program manager who will oversee every expense 24/7. HPC provides a personalized online portal for tracking and reporting expenses keeping them organized, saving time and money. 

HPC’s Enterprise Librarian is an innovative library management service that combines on-demand research support from a dedicated, masters-trained HPC librarian, oversight of library subscription resources, and a virtual library portal experience for academic institutions. This service can be hired to provide a little extra support during busy times, or HPC can do it all. 

HPC’s Value Analysis Research service allows customers to custom request concise, executive summary-style research papers on any topic. This personalized research model gives the freedom and flexibility to choose very specific or broad topics of products that the organization needs to evaluate before purchasing, this aids the purchasing teams have evidence-based guidance to rely on as you explore and evaluate different options to determine which is best for their students and staff. 

About HPC 

Founded in 1996 and still based outside of Chicago, Illinois, HPC is the #1 choice for healthcare and corporate educational purchased services. HPC is also a leading MBE supplier of specialized purchasing solutions and a publisher and distributor of books, e-books, journals and magazines for K-12 schools, universities, Fortune 500 corporations and healthcare organizations. Companies and health systems turn to HPC for educational content and for outsourced services that save money on education, library, and research related expenses and improve corporate purchasing efficiency. 

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